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An Education Based Non-Profit Initiative

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Our Mission

Classence is dedicated to the highest quality of social Service Education delivered with care, thoughtfulness, and empathy. At Classence, we have only one aim in mind: to make the world an even playing field by providing equal opportunities to the less fortunate; to help fight off post-pandemic unemployment through STEM Education and vocational training.

We emphasize real-world skills and knowledge delivered in a fun, playful, and easily understandable manner. 

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Our Activities

How we help

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Remote Learning

Ease of Access combined with the power of education

What We've Achieved 



Several workshops have been conducted from September 2021 till January 2022 with a combined attendance of over 70 people.


Jobs Gained

By attending our workshops and seminars, over 25 people have gained some practical knowledge in the field of Computer science which has helped them land base level jobsat various companies



We have had a combined attendance of over 250 people participating in our workshops, programs, lessons, and seminars so far.



Starting in August 2021 as an individual project, we have now turned into an organization with several months' experience.


Students Helped

We have helped over 50 school-going students improve their grades, broaden learning, and improve foundations.


Positive impact

More than three-fourths of our attendees have written positive feedback/testimonials and have informed us of definitive improvements in areas pertaining to their fields.



We have had over 20 volunteers join us in our mission over the course of our functioning and we can't thank them enough!


Associates / Partners

We have partnered with three educational institutes, two corporates, and multiple groups and organizations to aid us in outreach, skill development, assessments, and recruiting

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Prathik Gowda

"Arnav helped me prepare for interview teaching computer basic math and English also. Today I am working in Design softs PVT Ltd as data entry operator and helping my family. Thank you Arnav"

Ashwini PS

"Attend 7 class online Arnav teaching very well Special help interview preparation working in Muthoot Finance as Office executive Chittoor Dist"

Aman Sethi

"Hi Arnav, Thanks a lot for your support in helping me getting a job as office Assistant."

Md Syed Riyaz

"With your coaching and help today I am earning salary for my family. Thank you Arnav J big thank u"

Sambit Mondal

"Attendig your class was good fun and good learning. I know so much trouble I made for you Sir (Jr sir) you took three class helped me for interviews Thank you Arnav Sir"

Shiva K

"Your nature is very good helping friend and teaching nice also Today I work office assistant in Montessori school Raipur thank you for help Arnav jee"

Shivam Mishra

"Thank you Arnav for helping me on having my communication developed which has helped me to get the job in my native Place Varanasi as a primary teacher in a private school."

Sunita Kumari

"Hi Arnav, words are very less to express. I don't know how can I convey, thanks a lot for your help and support in getting a job in BDPS pvt ltd as a office executive in Odisha. God bless you"

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Ways to Help

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Become a Volunteer

Help Us Soar by becoming a part of our success by registering through the 'Volunteer' form on the website

Structural Organization

At Classence, we believe that one must contribute to the community whenever they get the time to do so, and hence, we function on a need-for-volunteer basis with volunteer periods lasting between two and four weeks at a stretch. Volunteers can contact us multiple times if they wish to do so. Anyone above the age of 14 who is willing to contribute may join us and become a part of the mission!

Apart from the volunteers and corporate associates, we have a board of three members whose roles are enlisted below. The other 12 subordinate board members aren't currently listed on the website (due to personal privacy reasons). 

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Arnav Jha

Founder and Director of Operations

I am a senior in high school who plans to attend college next year. I am a natural leader and a social entrepreneur. My interest in science, technology, and empathy toward others motivates me. Passionate about educating, discovering, and assisting the less fortunate, I hope to take this organization to new heights.


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