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Mathematics (Elementary and Senior Level)

For School Students

Fundamentals and Advanced level Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic, Applied Maths, and Calculus to enhance foundations of students and improve their grades

How we help

What we do

Remote Learning

Ease of Access combined with the power of education

Live In-Person Workshops

Education and Outreach

Lessons on Computer Systems, Internet Teachnology, and Microsoft Office

Impart basic practical computer skills

Debates, Story Telling, Writing Contests

Enhances participants' creativity, speaking and writing skills

Open Community Discussions

No rules!! People converse with each other on topics of their choice

Support Services

Personal Support to all members (and non-members on request)

Reinforcing our Commitment

Customizable Teaching Programs

Programs tailored to fit one's needs, interests, and mindset

Aptitude Interviews & Tests

We grade students and provide feedback to teachers to emphasize on their weaknesses

Activities: Activities
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