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Why we do What We Do

Upon seeing thousands of people forced into unemployment, disbanded from their duties during the Covid-19 lockdown, we were left awestruck and disheartened. 

Realizing the pandemic's impact on the livelihood of day laborers—trapped between unemployment, vulnerability, familial obligation, and survival—we were almost coerced by an inner flame of distress, pity, and conscience into helping these people: fighting their war.

We were committed to devising and implementing strategies to alleviate their problems—working as responsible, global citizens.

We opted to to utilize vocational and English Communication traning to help our attendees upskill and transition to have safe and regular sources of incomes. We decided to conduct weekly English, Mathematics, and Computer Science workshops, host open discussions, debates, aptitude interviews, and testing, and extend individual support to each attendee. Not particularly massive, but the best that a bunch of 17-year-old could do. We wanted to be the change: one job at a time. A small and independent, yet coordinated effort to restore employment for adults: hopefully initiating the wave of more such organiztions committed to such a cause.

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